Best Ground Blinds for Deer Hunting

Whitetail deer have some seriously keen eyesight. Mother Nature designed everything about those whitetail eyeballs to help them detect and escape predators. And she did a mighty fine job. 

The amazing visual perception of the average whitetail makes hunting them pretty tricky. After all, humans are currently a whitetail’s most dangerous predator, and this is especially true during hunting season. Staying undetected in the woods is one of the most difficult aspects of deer hunting. 

So how is a hunter supposed to beat those watching eyes? A camo jacket is only going to get you so far. A good ground blind offers another level of concealment and should be considered an essential piece of hunting gear. They are particularly helpful when you just can’t climb into a treestand.  

In addition to protecting you from a whitetail’s keen eyesight, a ground blind will also provide some protection from inclement weather. This is a major bonus for serious hunters who don’t let a little rain keep them at home. 

A good ground blind should be able to withstand some wind and rain, be lightweight and portable, and must be simple to set up. Most importantly, it must conceal the hunter inside. 

Best Ground Blinds for Deer Hunting

Each of the following blinds meet those criteria. Here are what we consider the best ground blinds for deer hunting on the market today. 

Oh, and before we forget, understand when and when you should not be using a ground blind. Remember, just because it’s easier, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

1. Browning Phantom X Ultimate Ground Blind

Some hunters scoff at the notion of using a ground blind, claiming it limits their field of view. The Phantom X Ultimate Ground Blind from industry leader Browning solves this problem. This high-quality blind provides full 360 degree viewing. It also features a unique Silent-Trac window system and curtain style viewing areas, allowing you to see that big buck even when he’s trying to sneak up behind you. 

The Phantom X is made from 100 percent brushed polyester fabric and is built to reduce noise and decrease light reflection. With its blacked-out backing, Realtree camo pattern, and brush loops, deer will be hard-pressed to see you inside. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Browning also added a special “blind skirt” to trap human scent, allowing you to hunt without being detected by keen whitetail noses.  

Weighing in at just under 20 pounds, this isn’t a blind you want to hike through the backcountry. However, its spacious interior (59″ wide x 59″ deep x 70″ high) make it perfect for hunting with a buddy on the back forty.

2. Ameristep Caretaker Kick-Out Ground Blind

The Ameristep Caretaker Kick-Out ground blind provides plenty of room for hunting with a partner. In addition to its 30 square feet of floor space, Ameristep has integrated two special “kick-out” sections perfect for stowing extra gear. 

The “kick-outs” also help break up the boxy shape of the blind by giving it a more natural shape. The Caretaker Kick-Out also has brush loops so you can add leaves and branches to further break up the blind’s silhouette. 

Once inside, shoot-through mesh windows allow you to stay concealed, even when you make that once-in-a-lifetime shot. However, the windows open quickly and silently if you need to get them out of the way fast. 

The shell of the Caretaker Kick-Out is made from lightweight Durashell Plus. This custom woven fabric is durable, has a matte finish that doesn’t reflect light, and is super lightweight. The total weight of this spacious ground blind is actually under 15 pounds. 

3. New Archery Products (NAP) Mantis 2 Hub Ground Blind

Not your typical boxy ground blind, the Mantis 2 Hub Ground  Blind from New Archery Products (NAP) features a double peaked roof that sheds rain and snow faster than a buck sheds antlers. This design also breaks up the blind’s outline so it doesn’t scream human to every passing deer. 

For even deeper concealment, the blind features NAP’s exclusive WIcked Intent camo pattern. With 14 different earth tones and an ultra-effective digital dispersion pattern, you’ll be all but invisible in the woods.

Developed with bowhunters in mind, The Mantis 2 Hub Ground Blind has 38 square feet of floor space and offers plenty of room to draw your bow. It is even wheelchair accessible! It also weighs less than 15 pounds and is super easy to set up.

4. Barronnett Ox 4 Blind

At first glance, the Barronnett Ox 4 Blind looks like any typical hub-style ground blind. While there aren’t any super unique features to make this blind stand out from the competition, the quality of the construction and materials earn it a place on this list.

This thing is built tough, featuring heavy-duty poles, all-metal ball and socket hubs, and durable Oxhide fabric. It has silent, fully adjustable windows and a ground skirt for scent containment. Although the Barronnett Ox4 blind doesn’t have any flashy bells or whistles, this thing functions like a blind that should cost at least several hundred dollars more than the suggested retail price. If you want a sturdy, no-frills ground blind that will last for several seasons, this is it.

5. Tangkula Ground Hunting Blind

We’ve included the Tangkula Ground Blind because this thing is hard to beat when it comes to portability. It weighs only 12 pounds and comes with an oversized duffel bag you can carry on your back for easy transport. Once you arrive at your hunting spot, it pops up with minimal effort, allowing you to disappear in a matter of seconds.

It is spacious enough for two or more hunters (58″ x 58″ x 65″) and offers a 360 degree view. With windows on all four sides, you can open a whole side or just a corner. For better concealment, you can partially roll the window mesh up or down.

This durable ground blind is also completely waterproof. If your style of hunting has you on the move, needing to set up shop in a moment’s notice, this is the one you want.

Improve your chances of success in the field

A quality ground blind helps keep you safe from the sharp, searching eyes of whitetail deer. Staying hidden is key to deer hunting success, and all these blinds will help you do just that. Now all you have to do is decide on the best location to ambush that monster buck. 

Here are a few other tips to help you take the deer of a lifetime.

  • Get the best rangefinder you can afford (for optics, we always recommend purchasing the highest quality your budget allows)
  • Know when to use a ground blind, and when to use a treestand (see: best treestands)
  • Get to know whitetail deer patterns (using a trail camera or cameras can help you pattern deer)
  • Learn to control your scent and understand which winds to hunt, just because you’re in a ground blind doesn’t mean the deer cannot smell you
  • BE PATIENT! Whitetail hunting isn’t easy, it’s important that you realize the concept of patience.

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