A List Of Big Game Hunting Equipment Manufacturers

Range Finder Now is a passion project of outdoorsmen and women from across North America dedicated primarily to one thing and that’s Big Game Hunting. Whether we’re hunting Mule Deer in the Mountains of the Western United States, or chasing man eating Grizzlies in Mainland Alaska, if it’s big game, it’s Range Finder Now. 

We test big game hunting equipment from a variety of major manufacturers. If we talk about a specific piece of gear, we’ll list it under the appropriate manufacturer here.

Hunting Clothing Manufacturers

There are quite literally, hundreds of hunting clothing manufacturers. While we cannot possibly test out every type of hunting clothing there is, we test what we use and use what we test. If we’ve worn a specific manufacturer here, we’ll update this piece.  

Hunting Weapons Manufacturers

In the world of guns, bows, and other types of big game hunting weapons, there are a number of major players. When we’ve personally tested a piece of hunting equipment, we’ll list it here.

Hunting Optics Manufacturers

One of the most important pieces of any hunt, the optics you choose. Many outdoorsmen (and women) would argue that the optics you choose are more valuable than the equipment you choose to harvest the animal with. As a rule of thumb, I’d tend to agree with that. 

If you cannot find the animal you’ve got a tag for, how can you possibly expect to fill that tag? Big game hunting is about the thrill of the chase, but chasing thin air isn’t the way to end a hunt, despite how often that happens. 



Spotting Scopes

Thermal Scopes

Rifle Scopes