Bow Hunting Gear Checklist

There is nothing more personal, more exciting, than the thrill of chasing big game with a bow. Archery hunting involves some pretty specific gear and in this guide, we’ll help you choose which gear will work best for your hunt.

All The Gear You’ll Need for Bowhunting 

Archery hunting has a low barrier to entry, as the only essential you’ll need is your bow. There are additional gear items such as a tree stand, rangefinder, binoculars, blind, camouflage wear, base layer materials, and boots, that will make your chances of success greater. 

In this archery hunting checklist, we’ll cover each specific gear item related to bow hunting. To understand this guide better, simply navigate to each individual article and guide.  


In the world of the bow, there are really only a few manufacturers you need to be concerned with. The top bow hunting manufacturers year in and year out inlcude: 

  • Mathews
  • Hoyt
  • Bowtech
  • Bear

Bow Hunting Rangefinders

A rangefinder is almost as essential as your bow when it comes to archery hunting. The use of a rangefinder makes hunting big game with a bow easier and ensures the ethical placement of a shot.

Tree Stands

Trail Cameras

While trail cameras are not a new concept, the technology surrounding them has changed. With the invention of the cellular trail camera, archery hunters now have the luxury of getting nearly instant updates from wherever they are in the world. 


While not used as much for bow hunting for whitetail deer, binoculars are a checklist item for bow hunters in other parts of North America. Binoculars need no explanation, as they can help identify big game tucked hidden away where the naked eye just cannot see.


If you’re a bow hunter, you know the importance of staying hidden.

Camouflage Wear

Base Layer Materials