Best Target Stands for Shooting

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” While perfection may be a lofty goal (especially in the shooting world), the more you practice any skill, the more you will improve. 

If you are a shooter, practice usually means putting in some range time. You have to send lead downrange over and over (while paying close attention to form and technique) to become a better shooter. 

If you practice on your own land (make sure to check local regulations regarding shooting in your area) or at a range that doesn’t have its own, you’ll need a good quality target stand to help you with your practice. After all, those paper targets need something to hang from. Here are what we consider the best target stands on the market today.

These are the best target stands for shooting on the market today. 

Looking for some help at the range? Here are the Best Target Stands on the market

We’ve done quite a bit of shooting over the years, and in that time we’ve had the chance to use and demo quite a few hunting related products. One thing that almost always flies under the radar? Target stands.

Buying a target stand isn’t sexy, like finding a new rangefinder. It’s not a sweet add on to your AR15. But, buy the right target stand the first time and you won’t be stuck hanging your target from a tree at the far end of the range.

G5 Outdoor Adjustable Metal Target Stand

The G5 Target Stand is so simple even a newbie shooter can figure it out. It comes ready to use and easily adjusts from 18 to 24 inches wide to accommodate official IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, and the B-27 silhouette targets. 

The stand features a durable gray powder coat finish to help protect it from wet weather. It also has four convenient stake holes, so you can secure your target stand in even the windiest shooting conditions. Plus, the support bracket is hinged, allowing the entire stand to fold into a compact, portable unit for easy storage or transport. 

You will need to pick up some of your own 1×2” wooden posts to secure your targets. They can be a little tricky to insert, but once in place, they stand up well to repeated use. 

Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand

The Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand provides the ultimate in portability. It weighs only two pounds and collapses easily for convenient storage. Our favorite feature is the small storage compartment located in the stand’s main body. This is the perfect place to store target clips, scoring pencils, and target pasters. 

The Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand is super simple to set up, holds two side-by-side targets, and is far sturdier than it looks.  The stand features a stabilizer for extra front-to-back support. This helps keep the stand upright and prevents tipping from bullet impact or unexpected wind gusts. And if you’re concerned about harsh weather, the stand’s backer is constructed from a durable, all-weather material so you don’t need to worry about leaving it outdoors. 

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CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand

If you like to shoot custom targets, the CTK Precision P3 is the target stand for you. This American-made stand easily adjusts to hold paper or cardboard targets of any size. The two adjustable angled legs are made of heavy-duty 14-gauge metal and provide a stable 4-point stance for extra stability on rocky or uneven ground. 

The stand sets up and breaks down by hand in just a few seconds. No extra tools required. However, you will need to purchase wooden furring strips and 2x4s. Both are pretty cheap and easy to find at virtually any home improvement store.  

Buy the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target Stand on Amazon

Highwild Steel Target Stand AR500

If you prefer the ping of steel targets, the Highwild Steel Target System is one of the best on the market. Not only is the stand quick and easy to assemble, it comes with two steel targets (a gong and a torso), plus everything you need to hand them.

The steel targets are laser cut from a single piece of AR500 steel plate and feature a surface powder coat finish for extra durability. The chain mounting kit is also durable and fully adjustable, allowing you to customize target angles for easy bullet deflection.

Buy the Highwild Steel Target Stand AR500

Challenge Targets Hurricane Target Stand

Made from high-quality steel, Hurricane Target Stands from Challenge Targets easily adjust to fit all your paper and cardboard targets. The stand’s spring-loaded tubes work with the included screws to snugly secure standard 1×2 wood furring strips. The sturdy ¼-inch ground stake measures 12 inches long and can be hammered into the toughest soil, providing a rugged target support. It even works to keep your targets upright in high wind areas and adverse weather conditions. 

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MTM Jammit Target Stand

This super lightweight stand has everything you need to set up and start shooting. Made of sturdy engineering grade plastic, the Jammit Target Stand can be fully assembled in mere seconds. The stand includes steel pegs at the base that are easy to drive into the ground with just your foot and the built-in footstep. You can even use the product packaging as a cardboard backer. However, once you shoot that one full of holes, you can use pretty much any material to replace it.

Buy the MTM Jammit Target Stand on Amazon

Action Target 3D Target Stand with Feet

If you want to add some life-like intensity to your self-defense training, these 3D target stands from Action Target are the perfect way to do just that. The three-dimensional targets attach to the x-shaped steel bases to add a little more realism to your shooting practice. After all, real-life threats are never static, two-dimensional sheets of paper with conveniently printed bullseyes.

Challenge Targets Steel Target Stand

Rated for handguns up to .45 ACP and .357 magnum, this lightweight, portable target stand holds a 7-inch round, reversible steel target plate. The plate is laser cut to reduce heat and preserve hardness, making these perfect for high-volume shooting.

You can adjust the height and forward lean for different shooters and handgun loads. The heavy, ¼-inch steel construction is super strong and it features a powder coat finish that helps it hold up in rough weather conditions. This target stand is perfect for IPSC or IDPA target practice.

Final Thoughts

Before you invest money in a target stand, make sure it will hold your preferred targets. Some of the target stands on our list come ready-to-shoot, others require a little extra effort and a trip to the hardware store. No matter which model you choose to go with, we’re confident it will help you improve your shooting skills and make your range time a lot more fun. 

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