ATN X Sight Review

ATN was founded in 1995, but they burst onto the night vision optics scene with their ATN X-Sights lineup about five years ago. The X-Sight lineup utilizes digital technology in a way that makes them one of the clear leaders in Smart HD riflescopes. 

When the sights were first released, they retailed around $1,000 in most cases, but they’ve since become more widely available and ATN has produced a more cost-efficient product which now ranges anywhere from $400-$700 for their mid-level digital night vision scope models. 

ATN X Sight Review

The X-Sight models are absolutely packed with next generation features that combine digital capabilities with riflescopes in a way that will function as a true gamechanger, especially for professional varmint removal services and wild hog hunting guides. 

One of the main advantages of the X-Sights is the ability to use the same scope day or night with only the flip of a switch. Instead of hunters having to purchase an extra gun, or go through the process of swapping between a traditional scope and night vision model, The X-Sights function in any environment. 

They are surprisingly accurate, even out to longer distances with the right gear. Best of all, nighttime hunting no longer requires the use of a glaring spotting light, which usually does nothing more than send the mature hogs and coyotes running for the hills in many cases. 

The ATN X Sight comes in a variety of powers and options.

X-Sight Scope Details 

The X-Sights easily mount to any picatinny rail, and can be swapped out from gun to gun without the usual headache of sighting the rifle in over the course of a box of cartridges. These new-age digital scopes can be sighted in with one single bullet. 

With the X-Sight, you’ll only be required to fire one shot before electronically marking your aiming point—then scroll your crosshairs over to pinpoint the bullet hole and one more click has your rifle sighted in and ready to hunt. 

The older sights operated using AA batteries, and it has become widely known that users should opt for lithium batteries in order to get the most battery life when using older scopes. 

Many of the newer X-Sight models have worked out some of the kinks and now utilize their power source in a much more efficient manner. The new X-Sight 4K linup utilizes an internal lithium ion battery that can easily be recharged after use with a charging cable. This is a welcome upgrade from the older scopes, which forced users to carry several battery packs into the field for a few days of hunting. 

The X-Sight lineup utilizes a digital screen to project an image of your target instead of using traditional magnified optics. This allows you to have a wide range of controls over capturing things like video and images, but also makes aiming a cinch. 

X-Sight Features 

There is no shortage of high-tech features on the X-Sights that are meant to give the user the ultimate digital optics experience in the field. Not only is the X-Sight lineup designed to make sighting and shooting game animals easier than ever, but it’s geared toward allowing users to connect to Wifi and stream their hunts in real time. 

The sight uses e-zoom technology which allows users to easily zoom in and out of their sight picture with the push of a button. This is a huge advantage for anyone who likes to get a closer look at their potential targets. 

The X-Sights are also equipped with digital tools that let you pinpoint exactly where you are—literally. Not only do the X-Sights keep track of the exact date and time, but the sights are also equipped with capabilities to keep track of altitude and GPS location, as well as having a working compass and Geotagging ability. 

Users can also log onto the ATN website to keep track of any needed updates and simply run a new firmware update to get the latest updates and feature upgrades. 

The X-Sight series offers multiple reticle color choices, as well as a specialized ballistics calculator that takes into consideration the environmental factors like range, wind, angle to target, temperature, humidity and more. 

Perhaps the most popular feature is the scope lineup’s ability to record HD video of the user’s hunt, in addition to live streaming capabilities which allows users to stream and record at the same time. Best of all, the newer X-Sight models feature recoil-activated video recording that does the work for you instead of requiring that the user take the time to switch into recording mode before taking a shot. 

Last, but not least, the new 4K X-Sight models are equipped with an auxiliary ballistic laser which acts as a real time laser rangefinder and feeds information back to the scope, to allow users to pinpoint the exact distance of each shot. 

Using the ATN X-Sights

The X-Sight lineup features a vastly different user experience than most smart optical technology. It’s recommended that each user take the time to read through the how-to section on the ATN website and become well-acquainted with their site before venturing into the field. 

The sights are very easy to mount onto almost any rifle and the controls are so straightforward that many new users can get the hang of things without ever taking a look at the manual (although we highly recommend reading those). 

The scope provides plenty of eye relief and feels much like a traditional scope does, aside from the added weight from all of the electronic equipment in the scope’s housing. There is no denying that the X-Sight lineup is a truly remarkable product that can take any hunter’s game to the next level. 


  • Records in 1080p 
  • Dual streaming to multiple devices
  • Android and iOS compatible 
  • Wifi and Bluetooth 
  • Extended battery life
  • Built-in ballistics calculator 
  • GPS, Geotagging 
  • Capable of recording weather conditions
  • Fully adjustable reticle 


  • Limited nighttime range 
  • Heavier than traditional scopes
  • Zeroing-in can reset when turned on/off
  • Using Wifi and Bluetooth can drain battery life significantly 

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