What Are OTC Tags?

OTC tags mean “over the counter” hunting tags. Many believe that OTC tags are the ticket to learning more about the territory you’ll be hunting in and we couldn’t agree more.

Hunting with an over the counter tag is a great way to get out and experience the field, learning the layout of where you’re hunting and the species you’re targeting.

Alaska is one of my favorite places to hunt with an OTC tag, as they’re plentiful and easy to come by. Hunting with an over the counter tag does limit you in areas you can hunt and often times they’re not trophy target areas, but you’re in the field enjoying the hunt and not much can top that.

OTC Tags Vs. Lottery Tags

Lottery tags are great. However, they can be tough to come by. Some times, hunters can wait as many as 15 years (or more!) to draw the coveted lottery tag they’re going after.

As one website argues, why wait 15 years to get out in the field? When you’re fortunate enough to draw the lottery tag you’re after, you’ve missed not only time in the field, but time that could’ve been spent better understanding the species you’re targeting.

Thinking of planning an Alaska moose hunt? Or a Colorado elk hunt? Take a trip to one of those states and hunt with an OTC tag. The experience you’ll gain in the field is far greater than anything you’ll find on the internet.

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