SIG Sauer Riflescope Reviews: What Should I Use?

While not traditionally an optics super power, SIG Sauer has made leaps and bounds in their optics game in recent years. Most recently, the integration of the SIG Sauer BDX system that we’ve talked about in recent articles.

One of the main reasons we recommend SIG Sauer Riflescopes is for the BDX system that they’ve come out with. BDX stands for ballistic data exchange.

What does SIG Sauer BDX do?

The Ballistic Data Exchange system developed by SIG Sauer makes your entire optics system talk to each other to get laser accurate shooting recommendations.

The BDX system was also designed to be more affordable for the everyday shooter / outdoors person, one of the reasons we’re so fond of it. You’re not settling for cheap hunting optics, you’re just not paying through the roof for it.

What’s not to love about that?

With that said, let’s dive into the current riflescopes offered by SIG Sauer. If you’re considering purchasing a new riflescope, there’s no reason why you should buy anything other than a BDX compatible optics system. Yes, you may have to buy a new set of rangefinder binoculars, but it’s well worth every penny. Especially when your binoculars tell your scope what to do.

SIG Sauer offers a few different categories of riflescopes. We’ll start with the Sierra 3BDX line.

Sierra 3BDX Riflescope Reviews

The Sierra 3 BDX line of scopes is the latest and greatest in optics from SIG Sauer. As we’ve mentioned above, the BDX system is designed to make your

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