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How to write for a hunting website

Ever dreamed of writing for an outdoors company? Here’s your chance. is very selective in the articles we choose to publish. To better your odds (we’re not full of ourselves, we just get a ridiculous amount of bogus self promo articles).. please consider following these guidelines.

Oh, before we start. We’ll promote the heck out of you.

Don’t worry about that. If you have a product / blog / instagram handle that you’re looking to grow – just be upfront and honest. We get it. We’ll promote you, no worries there. We just want our readers to experience the best content possible along the way.

  • Minimum 800 word article, max.. probably somewhere around 4k.
  • Make sure article is well organized with headlines and bullet points
  • Pretend you’re writing an article for your english teacher. That means, not one big block of text. We’re outdoorsmen, our grammar isn’t perfect and we get that.
  • Half a$$ articles won’t get published.

The topic of the article will be selected by you.

We do not pre-vet article ideas.

In selecting your topic, pick a subject that fits what we typically write about. We want to help more young outdoorsmen / women get in the game.

Make sure your article has not been covered by us previously. However, if you have a new angle on something we’ve already covered, we would be open to reviewing it.

Articles on subjects of all kinds will be considered, but we are particularly looking for articles that cover:

  • How-to skills (any type of hunting)
  • DIY skills/projects
  • Hunting dog training, gear guides + gear reviews

Please send submissions to tyler (at)

Thanks again for the interest and best of luck in the process!

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