LE Colt M4 + AR15 Gun Build

Today we’re featuring an awesome M4 / AR15 build from @squeaky_steps. This is a LE (law enforcement) Colt M4 with an FBI Hostage Rescue Team Upper 11.5 inch colt heavy barrel, a Geissele Mk4 Federal Rail, Troy Backup signts, Aimpoint T2 with a Larue Mount and a surefire M951 light with Cloud Defensive LCS.


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How to build a LE Colt M4 / AR15 like this.. 

1- Rifle

The M4 is just a military spec, this weapon is an AR-15 platform.

Buy the Colt M4 / AR-15 Caribine at 1800Guns and Ammo.

Price varies, click image for updated price on 1800Guns&Ammo







2- FBI / HRT 11.5 Heavy Barrel

When it comes to this barrel, dig around a bit. Here’s one site that offers them.







3- Geissele Mk4 Federal Rail

You could also pick this up in “Sand” color if you really wanted.

Click image to check price







4- Troy Backup Sights

5- Aimpoint T2 with a Larue Mount

Huge fan of this build, but the one part I would change is the Aimpoint T2 / Larue Mount. Instead of this hardware – I’m going with the Aimpoint Red Dot with QRP2 Mount (comes as a set).

Check Amazon pricing of Aimpoint Red Dots..

Aimpoint Red Dot Sight / Mount








6- Surefire M951 light w/ Cloud Defensive LCS

Buy the Surefire M951 light or, if you’re looking to mix it up a bit try this baby (photo below, but expensive, so hold onto your wallet!)

SUREFIRE M600 Ulta Scout Light (super bright)







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Also, peep these.


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