12 Cant Miss Best Christmas Gift for Waterfowl Hunters

Waterfowl hunting is one that requires a wide array of different gear items, some more necessary than others. With so many different kinds of game birds to go after from Texas to Canada and plenty of gear items needed to give waterfowl hunters the best advantage. 

When it comes to finding the right gift for your waterfowl hunter, the choices can seem endless. Getting them a gift that they can actually use—and finding something they don’t already have—quite a challenge. 

We’ve done the research and narrowed down the endless numbers of items into a handy waterfowl hunters holiday gift guide for 2019. If you’re looking for gifts for your hunter, there are some great ideas on our list and links to places you can order them. However, if you’re a waterfowl hunter and trying to drop some hints for your friends and family this holiday season, this is a good article to share on social media, and you might even leave this page up in your browser for others to see. 

Let’s start with some stocking stuffer gift ideas for waterfowl hunters. 

Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

We’ll start with a gift for the beginner duck hunter, or youths who are just getting their feet wet in one of America’s favorite hunting pastimes. The Duck Commander brand is known far and wide for some of the best waterfowl calls money can buy. This item is made for duck hunters by some of the most dedicated waterfowl hunters in the world. 

The Duck Commander Wood Duck Call is relatively inexpensive (especially compared to some of the other models in the Duck Commander line) and is perfect for a stocking stuffer gift this season. This call features three levels of sound and a single-reed style construction that will last for many seasons. 


Waterfowl hunters spend a large amount of time looking up at the sky. On a bright, sunny day, this can have a damaging effect on your eyes and can lead to vision fatigue that makes it tough to spot your prey as they fly overhead. There are plenty of different kinds of sunglassess to choose from for waterfowl hunting, which is why we aren’t going to name one specific kind in this list. 

This is an item that every waterfowl hunter needs and can make use of, but the price range can vary from less than 20 dollars to more than 200. Like most waterfowl hunting gear items, the price on a good pair of sunglasses is a good indicator of the quality. If you’re not looking to spend a large chunk of money, you can get a solid pair of sunglasses for your hunter that will make a great stocking stuffer item this year. 

However, if you want to really brighten the holiday season this year and are willing to spend a little more on the perfect gift, look into getting your hunter a pair of Costa del Mar Tuna Alley sunglasses. These glasses have everything a waterfowl hunter would need and are some of the most high-quality lenses and frames on the market that can also serve as an all-purpose pair of shades that can be worn for any occasion. 

Waterfowl Hunting DVD

Like many other kinds of hunting, waterfowl enthusiasts have likely watched tons of different kinds of hunting shows and DVD’s. Most of these are just showcasing some of the best waterfowl hunting trips that the well-known, professional hunters take and most hunters dream of going one day. 

Thinking outside the box when it comes to holiday gifts for waterfowl hunters goes a long way. If you’re looking for a gift for a hunter who is just getting into the sport, consider buying an educational DVD that will help them hone their skills and better understand their prey. On the same token, look for a DVD that thoroughly explains how to use a duck or goose call. We recommend Primos Hunting Calls Mastering The Art Waterfowl Instructional DVD. This one takes a comprehensive approach to waterfowl hunting and is a great choice for novice or even seasoned hunters. 

Sitka Callers Glove

A solid pair of hunting gloves is essential for waterfowl hunters. A typical duck or goose hunting trip takes place in cold or even frigid weather and keeping your hands warm is absolutely necessary. You don’t want to wear a thick glove on your calling/trigger hand because you’ll need to have as much dexterity as possible during the hunt. However, it can be a challenge to find a pair of gloves that aren’t too thick and can also keep your hands warm and guard against frostbite. 

The Sitka Callers Glove is the answer to this dilemma. This glove is made to be worn on your off-hand and has a special pouch for your calling/trigger hand. Instead of having to worry about getting your shooting hand glove off in time to call or make a shot, the Sitka Callers Glove lets you quickly get into position and focus on dropping some birds. This gift item can serve as a stocking stuffer, but is perfect to box up, wrap and have under the tree for your waterfowl hunter. 

Beretta Waterfowler Medium Blind Bag Max-5

Like any other kind of hunting, having a compact, organized game bag to store your items is something that is both necessary and sometimes highly-underrated. Waterfowl hunters do their work in the wettest of conditions, so having a waterproof bag is a must. The Beretta Waterfowler is the perfect gift idea for the waterfowl hunter who has a bad habit of taking too much gear or too many bags into the blind with them. 

This bag will keep your gear dry and serve as a place that allows you to quickly get the item you need without fumbling through an oversized or unorganized bag. Featuring covered flaps, elastic loops and velcro closing tabs, the Beretta Waterfowler is something your hunter will get many years of use out of. Plus, this is a great gift to stuff with other knick-knacks and smaller gear to make the ultimate waterfowl gift to sit under the tree this year. 

Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Punisher Shotgun Case 

Having a quality gun case to protect your shotgun from the cold, wet elements that you run into while waterfowl hunting is another underrated gear item. Hunters who have gone with a cheap gun case and experienced damage to their gun know full well the value of protecting your gun. The Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Punisher Shotgun Case is relatively inexpensive and you can probably bet that your hunter is always in need of another gun case. 

This is one of the toughest gun cases on the market for 2019. Featuring plenty of gear flaps and zippered, weatherproof pockets, the Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Punisher is designed specifically for the dedicated duck hunter. The only way to make this a better holiday gift idea is to get a new shotgun to put inside it!

LaCrosse Mallard II Expandable 1000G Insulated Waders

As we get into the more pricey gift ideas on our list, we’ve narrowed down our list to some of the absolute best waterfowl gear you’ll find in 2019. The LaCrosse brand is known for making some of the best quality rugged gear for hunting since 1897. Their line of waterfowl hunting gear is second-to-none. 

The LaCrosse Mallard II Expandable 1000G Insulated Waders will keep your hunter dry and warm in the most unfavorable conditions during their hunting escapades. One of the most common issues with waders is that it hard to find a pair that fit’s a hunter’s midsection just right. The LaCrosse Mallard II Expanable waders feature an elastic torso that fits every hunter’s size and shape perfectly. 

Featuring LaCrosse’s popular Brush Tuff exterior to protect against tearing and puncture, these waders offer some of the best pair of footings you’ll find. These might be a bit heavier than most waterfowl waders, but you can virtually guarantee that your hunter’s feet won’t get cold wearing these. This gift idea is great for the more experienced hunter who is looking for the best quality gear. 

GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade 3-D Silhouette

Waterfowl hunters can never have too many decoys, right? If you’re looking for a good gift idea for the goose hunter in your friends or family circle, the GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade 3-D Silhouette pack is a top pick. These decoys have an ultra-realistic design and are made with a glare-resistant material that makes them ideal for hunting in all kinds of conditions, including those sunny, warmer days when geese tend to be finnicky. These decoys have a sleek design that makes them less bulky than other kinds and are a great way to get your hunter’s season started on the right foot. 

MOJO Outdoors® Elite Series™ Mini Mallard Hen Motorized Duck Decoy

Duck hunting gear is continually getting more advanced thanks to innovative technology. This is great for anyone seeking a new, exciting waterfowl gift idea for this season as there are plenty of different options to choose from. 

The MOJO brand is known for making some of the most realistic decoys money can buy, and the Mini Mallard Hen Motorized Duck Decoy is no exception. Featuring a flexible, rubberized body that is made of glare-resistant material, this decoy comes ready to use with a pole and batteries. 

This is one of the more quiet choices for motorized duck decoys and will be one that your hunter can’t wait to take into the field and put to use. If you’re looking for another great pick in the MOJO lineup, check out their King Mallard model. 

Primos Final Approach X-2 Blind

Some waterfowl hunters consider hunting from a portable blind to be less than ideal and understandably so. Lugging in a heavy, bulky blind and setting it up just right is another added task when you’re trying to get your decoys placed the right way and everything else that goes into setting up for a waterfowl hunting trip. 

However, the Primos Final Approach X-2 Blind might just change the mind of some of the more old school duck hunters. This blind is considered to be the best of the best by many different duck hunting experts, and there’s plenty of reasons why. The Final Approach X-2 features an insulated, double-lid system with a built-in shotgun scabbard to keep your gear out of the way until you need it. For a quick and easy setup, this one is sure to be a great addition to your hunter’s gear arsenal. 

Benelli Super Black Eagle III

Known throughout the outdoor industry as one of the finest shotgun manufacturers in the game, Benelli has outdone themselves with the Super Black Eagle III. Widely considered to be one of the most smooth-functioning models on the market, the Super Black Eagle III has plenty of reasons for your hunter to get excited. This might be one of the more expensive items on our list, but if money is not an issue, this Benellie shotgun is certainly worth a look. 

Featuring new shock-absorbing additions, a bevelled loading port, new two-piece carrier latch, and an outward-angled drop level that’s specifically designed for use while wearing gloves. This is a great gun that can last a lifetime, plus Benelli backs their Super Black Eagle III with a 10-year warranty. 

Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico

Considered to be the best synthetic shotgun on the market in 2019, the Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico is a waterfowl hunter’s dream that will get the holiday season started off with a bang! This gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun has all the bells and whistles a duck hunter looks for in a gun. The Kick Off recoil reduction system makes this gun perfect for hunters of all ages—even youngsters who shy away from a gun that kicks harder than most. The A400 features some of the best rust and corrosion-proof technology that make it perfect for the damp, freezing cold conditions that usually go along with waterfowl hunting. 

As one of the most mechanically-sound shotguns you’ll find in 2019, the Beretta A400 Xtreme Unico is undoubtedly a gift that will bring holiday cheer for your hunter for many years to come. 

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