13 Perfect Gifts for Predator Hunters

Predator hunting has grown in popularity in recent years and there are lots of new hunters to the sport. Tis the season to find the perfect gift for your outdoorsman or woman and there are lots of exciting new gear items on the shelves for predator hunters. 

Predator hunting season, in most states, only lasts a short time and is a sport that most typical game hunters are turning to as a new venture in their outdoor pursuits. Predator hunting gifts might be the perfect choice for the seasoned hunter who has everything they need for the game animals they have always hunted, but you want to get them something different this year and introduce them into the world of predator hunting. 

If you’re an avid predator hunter, try pulling this article up in the browser of your computer and leaving it up for your friends and family to take a peek at. 

Regardless of whether you’re buying gifts for this year or looking for the hottest new predator gear items for 2019, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best gift ideas for predator hunters for the 2019 holiday season. 

Here are 13 great gifts for predator hunters

Predator Calling DVD

Odds are, if you’re just getting into predator hunting, you’re probably not an expert caller and you are usually looking to hone your calling skills in even more. Getting your predator hunter this instructional Predator Calling DVD is an ideal stocking stuffer that will be something they’ll put to use and enjoy for many seasons to come. Featuring predator hunting legend Tony Tebbe, this DVD walks you through the finer points of calling up predators and when and where to employ each tactic. If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the predator hunting enthusiast in your friends or family circle, look no further. 

Primos Third Degree

The Primos brand name is synonymous with some of the best-made calls in the hunting industry. The Primos Third Degree is no exception as this one offers the most realistic sounds for a hand call. The Third Degree is perfect to serve as a backup in case your electronic call fails, or if you are just starting out in predator hunting and looking for a starter call that won’t break the bank. The Primos Third Degree is a great stocking stuffer item for the predator hunter in your family and is a great gift idea for young, curious hunters looking to get into the predator world. 

If you’re looking to pair a couple gifts, the Primos Third Degree call pairs perfectly with the Predator Calling DVD.

Hunters Specialties Windicator

Whether you’re going after predators or just about any other type of game animal, being able to tell which specific direction the wind is blowing will make or break your hunt. The Hunters Specialties Windicator is a stocking stuffer item that we would recommend for any kind of hunter as it can be used in any situation to get you in the right position. Predators like the coyote or fox have noses that are considerably better at picking up scents than most other game animals, which makes wind direction a key factor in a successful hunt. Stick this item in your predator hunter’s stocking and you’ll give them something they can definitely use this year in the field. 

Box of Ammo

This gift item might require non-hunters to do a little bit of research or find a creative way to glean the details of exactly what kind of ammunition your hunter uses for predator hunting. There is a wide variety of different kinds of guns that can be effectively used to take down foxes and coyotes, so make sure to find out the right caliber and gift your hunter with a box of cartridges this holiday season. 

FOXPRO Jack Jr. Electronic Decoy

Part of what makes predator hunting different is the use of calls and decoys together to attract animals in close enough for a shot. Since predator hunting has become a more popular activity, the larger decoy-making companies have entered the game and there are some seriously good decoys to choose from out there. 

A great decoy that can be used in a variety of different habitats and situations is the FOXPRO Jack Jr. Electronic Decoy. This one is actually made to mimic a wounded woodpecker and can be paired with a variety of FOXPRO predator hunting calls. The FOXPRO Jack Jr. features an ultra-quiet motor that won’t spook predators like foxes or coyotes, who are known to have a very keen sense of hearing. This is a gift that any predator hunter would appreciate and makes a great addition to your predator hunter’s toolkit. 

Icotec PD200 Stand Alone Predator Decoy

While we’re on the subject of predator hunting decoys, it is worth mentioning some of the best ones on the market in 2019 as these are likely what most predator hunters have on their wish list this year. The Icotec PD200 Stand Alone Predator Decoy is one of the top decoys you’ll find and for good reason. The Icotec PD200 has a spring topper connection and LED lighting for night-hunting. Featuring two different toppers and plenty of different settings, the PD200 is among the best calls because it can be paired with a wide variety of different kinds of electronic calls. 

Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy

Upon first glance, the Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy might not look like a highly advanced decoy system, but predator hunting enthusiasts are raving about this decoy’s ability to produce results. The Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy is specially designed to function in extreme conditions and will hold up to just about anything Mother Nature could throw at it. This decoy is among our top picks and would be one that your hunter could get plenty of use out of. 

Featuring a realistic topper with a variety of different speeds and settings for customization, the Primos Sit-N-Spin Predator Decoy is a great pick for anyone interested in predator hunting. The best news? It can usually be purchased for less than 20 bucks. 

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Jim Shockey Tall Tripod

Among the various items we encourage you to gift your predator hunter with, a shooting stick is certainly a must-have tool that predator hunters need to get a clean, steady shot off during the heat of the moment. Instead of just going out and buying any old shooting stick (how complex could they get, right?) consider getting your predator hunter the best on the market. 

The Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Jim Shockey Tall Tripod is on the expensive end for shooting sticks, but any hunter that employs the use of a shooting stick during his exploits will tell you that the Trigger Stick Gen 3 is one that nearly guarantees an unwavering surface to rest your gun on. The Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 is easy to use and can be switched to mount a camera or spotting scope on for maximum versatility. It might be difficult to justify spending this much on a shooting stick, but we can assure you that—for predator hunters—it’s worth it. 

Browning High Noon 55/625 LM CREE XPE LED Spotlight

If you’re gift-hunting for an outdoor lover who hasn’t quite gotten into predator hunting, there are a few gear items they must have on a predator hunt. A good spotlight is definitely one of those items. Like most hunting gear items, you can find these for a relatively low price, or you can go for the absolute best and spend a small fortune. 

The Browning High Noon is on the ‘affordable’ side of the spectrum and is the perfect gift for the budding outdoorsman who doesn’t yet have everything. This is a handy tool for any kind of nighttime outdoor activity and is great for beginner predator hunters who need to shed some light on things as they get their bearings in the world of predator hunting. 

FOXPRO® Fire Eye Light Kit

If you’re shopping for the dedicated predator hunting guru who seems to have everything, consider getting them a FOXPRO® Fire Eye Light Kit. When it comes to spotlights, the FOXPRO Fire Eye Light Kit is a no-nonsense tool that can illuminate the night sky with impressive power. Featuring trigger action, four-color LED lighting options, and a brightness control slider, this spotlight is one for the serious predator hunter who spends many cold nights in the fields looking for coyotes and other critters. 

Cabela’s Speedy Yote Kickstand Vest

As you might imagine, predator hunting can be a less-than-comfortable experience that requires many long hours sitting in the fields. If your hunter has spent much time in the predator game, they’ve likely heard of various kinds of vests with deployable seats. These are likely the gear items that some predator hunters consider a luxury and do without until they can get their hands on one. 

The Cabela’s Speedy ‘Yote Kickstand Vest is the perfect gift for any predator hunter (considering they don’t already have one). The Speedy ‘Yote Kickstand Vest is surprisingly comfortable and has plenty of pocket space and straps to carry gear items with. Having a vest like this makes you highly mobile in the field, which means you can quickly and easily move your equipment to a desired area much more efficiently than if you were trying to lug a spotlight, electronic call, decoy and your gun all at once. 

The 3-inch Memory Tech foam seat is so comfortable, the only downside to this item is that your hunter is more likely to spend more time in the field with it. 

Mossberg MVP Predator Rifle

If you’re looking for a great gift for your predator hunter and price is not an inhibiting factor, consider looking into some of the best predator hunting guns on the market in 2019 to put under the tree this year. The Mossberg brand is well-known for making solid firearms that are among the best of the best and the MVP Predator Rifle is one that your hunter will be happy with, regardless of how many other predator hunting guns they have. 

Featuring a blue-barrel finish with dark woodgrain patterns, the Mossberg MVP Predator Rifle is as attractive as it is deadly. This gun is available in 11-round capacity and can be ordered in .223 or .308 caliber. 

Smith and Wesson M&P 15

We would be remiss if we didn’t include one of the most exciting new semi-automatic rifles on the market in our list. After all, if you’re looking to get your predator hunter a gift that will practically guarantee they’ll be happy this holiday season, this is it. 

The Smith and Wesson M&P 15 is the ideal predator hunting gun as it comes with an optic mount that accommodates a wide variety of scopes and carbine-length M-Lock handguard with threaded muzzle. This carbine rifle is one of the more affordable “coyote carbines” you’ll find and can fit all the bells and whistles on it that your predator hunter desires. 

Now that you’ve got the perfect gift, it’s time to get one for yourself..

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